How to Adopt
A RabbitEARS, we are committed to finding loving families for our rescues. Our adoption process begins with a walkthrough of our facility, where you and your family can view all of our potential pets. When you meet someone you are interested in, we will set up a play session, where you can spend some quality one on one time and get to know each other. It is highly recommended thast the whole family participate in the play session. We also recommend that everyone who will be responsible for caring for the pet go through at least one two hour volunteer session, particularly if the primary caregiver is a child, as this lets them determine for themselves if they are up to the task. If adopting is still right for you at this point, we fill out a hold form, and begin the next steps. The adoption coordinator will go over with you the needs and requirements for food, habitat, and fees. Most of the necessary supplies can be purchased at our store, or other pet supplier. Once the new habitat is set up, you can either email photos of the space to us, or stop in with photos on your phone. When the coordinator approves the habitat, they will schedule your adoption day with you. On the adoption day, your coordinator will walk you through the necessary paperwork, make copies of all needed documents, and collect adoption fees. The official adopter must be at least 18 years old, and provide a photo ID, as well as proof they are permitted to have pets in their residence. You will also need a carrier to transport your pet(s) home. A checklist can be found in our Resources section to help keep the process organized, as well as photos and videos to help explain in greater detail the various aspects of being a pet parent.